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Re: ldapsearch scrables utf-8 dn

TJ wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope that this will lead to some discussion on better utf-8 support.

Well, UTF8 is the only charset thats defined for LDAP, so I don't think
that the support for UTF8 could be better.

> It seems that ldapsearch does'nt like dn's with utf-8 chars in it.
> see:

Thats defined behaviour according to
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2849.html - maybe you want to comment on that.

> * If it really has to be this way then ldap* -D args (and others) should
> accept the base64 form.

Ok, this might be nifty for someone that hasn't got an UTF8-Terminal but
has to search for UTF8-characters.

> * This behaviour should at least have an off switch, so the user can decide
> on the output form.

Since ldapsearch outputs "LDIF", it should stay true to the LDIF spec.

You can use Perl or any other Programming Language to build a tool that
can output something other than LDIF.


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