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Re: Issue [4623] : backport patch

I wanted to submit a shortish patch, basically backported from the 2.4
solution for issue 4623 to the 2.3 branch, tested on Linux and Solaris 9.
I am not sure about the proper way to submit such a patch, any comment is
therefore welcome.
Technically, it is just a backport of 2.4's fix for 4623. It has been
tested on both Linux and Solaris 9.

Reviewing this code again, in my opinion this is a feature enhancement and it has no place in 2.3 which is feature-frozen.

Please reconsider; it is a feature enhancement, but it's one that matches the text of the docs And the original intent of the docs.

Finer granularity in the divisions between antique/stable/alpha code would be helpful both to potential contributors and users. Allowing some feature enhancements into 2.3 after each stable-point seems like a reasonably mild way to do this; stable-only users will sit tight until the stable tag is advanced (and probably quite a bit longer, arg), while many others will be interested in trying these features long before 2.4 is usable for their sites.

Matthew Backes
Symas Corporation