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Re: Config file statement ordering (Was: (ITS#4848) Another slapd startup segfault)

Howard Chu wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> For back-meta, I'd like to create children entries for each target; in
>> this case, an overlay with specific per-target behavior, would need to
>> either create a similar tree, or to append entries to targets'.  This is
>> really going to mess up back-config.  Still, I think having separate
>> entries makes sense.  That's how I made, for example, the monitor
>> interface to "foobar" overlay...
> Speaking of which, ITS#4789, were you actually suggesting that back-monitor
> also use olcDatabase={x}foo to name its database entries? That would change
> its apparent behavior quite a bit from 2.3.
> As I mentioned before, I chose not to use a cn=Databases container in
> back-config because I didn't want to have to deal with creating a lot of
> do-nothing infrastructure entries.

One of the points, in selecting that solution for back-monitor, was to
keep homogeneous entries confined; another, was to limit the amount of
load when dynamically generating data.  If everything is right below
cn=monitor, then all entries (right now, more than 100 for a minimal
system with most backends and overlays compiled...) need to be
re-generated before evaluating filters, so the only way we have to limit
the scope of searches is to use base and scope...

> Philosophically I also prefer RDNs that
> use task-specific attributes; I've always thought cn was too overused...

for the rest I agree with you.  I used cn because at that time, working
at DN string representation, I was biased towards the idea of only using
"friendly" attributes in DN, which, all in all, makes sense for those DN
that need to be exposed.  In some sense, the DN of the monitor tree
needs to be exposed, but it's mostly meant to be machine-readable, by
scripts, rather than navigated by humans, so using specific attributes
may make sense as well.  Redesigning back-monitor infrastructure (not
contents), having learned from back-config's experience, might be
something to consider.

> And
> if we're using olcDatabase, then e.g.
>     olcDatabase={1}foo,cn=databases,cn=monitor
> is just redundant information, we already know foo is a database so we
> don't
> need the container to remind us of that.


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