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Re: Config file statement ordering (Was: (ITS#4848) Another slapd startup segfault)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
For back-meta, I'd like to create children entries for each target; in
this case, an overlay with specific per-target behavior, would need to
either create a similar tree, or to append entries to targets'.  This is
really going to mess up back-config.  Still, I think having separate
entries makes sense.  That's how I made, for example, the monitor
interface to "foobar" overlay...

Speaking of which, ITS#4789, were you actually suggesting that back-monitor also use olcDatabase={x}foo to name its database entries? That would change its apparent behavior quite a bit from 2.3.

As I mentioned before, I chose not to use a cn=Databases container in
back-config because I didn't want to have to deal with creating a lot of
do-nothing infrastructure entries. Philosophically I also prefer RDNs that
use task-specific attributes; I've always thought cn was too overused... And
if we're using olcDatabase, then e.g.
is just redundant information, we already know foo is a database so we don't
need the container to remind us of that.
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