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Re: Dropping slurpd, manage/Relax control

At 03:42 AM 12/14/2006, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>Howard Chu wrote:
>>One feature that's still needed in some cases (e.g., using syncrepl to push updates to another slave thru back-ldap) is an updatedn identity with the privilege to write to unmodifiable operational attributes.
>>I guess this isn't something the Relax control is intended to allow. We can keep using the updatedn but it feels like this is something that should be generalized. E.g. one might want to have a cluster of servers sending updates to each other, with a unique identity for each server, and all of them with privilege to write to operational attributes. I think the updatedn feature captures the idea ("this identity is a DSA") but it just needs to be more flexibly configured.
>Makes sense.  In principle, slapd should allow any "push" replication mechanism that complies with its requirements in terms of operational attributes to work.  Another mechanism, which would require more "pusher"'s modification, would be to use a control that behaves like "rekax", which explicitly indicates a DSA is replicating data.

I had long intended to replace the updatedn mechanism with
a control mechanism... but with the deprecation of slurpd
didn't see any good reason to take the pain that would be
caused by such a change.  But with other good reason for
such a control, I would be happy to say "good riddance" to
the updatedn mechanism.