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Re: [Please Authorise] Permission to use your glossary as a starting point for OpenLDAP docs addition?

<quote who="Kurt D. Zeilenga">
> At 01:23 AM 12/7/2006, Gavin Henry wrote:
>><quote who="Kurt D. Zeilenga">
>>> At 02:35 PM 12/6/2006, Gavin Henry wrote:
>>>>Or do we want t start one from scratch?
>>> I rather start from set of terms in preamble.sdf and
>>> http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=1390>.  The
>>> latter I just added (from a list I had created ages ago).
>>OK, sure. So, how do we do tables? Can't see anything in the sdf docs.
> See my response to your "Tables in SDF?" post.

Aye, my e-mail from the lists seems to come into my mail box when they want.

>>Also, the faq entry has lots of the same entries. copy and paste error?
> Fixed.
>>We obvoiusly need to expand on those, as RDN == "Relative Distinguished
>>Name" doesn't really tell you much ;-)
> How much do you want to tell?  That is, do you want to provide
> more than an overview of LDAP?  That is, do you want to write
> document discussing LDAP basics?

Do you think this would benefit potential users?

My original point was intended to do a wee paragraph for each item in the
glossary, much like the previous LDAP link I sent and for example, what
you would find in the glossary of "Programming Perl".

What we have just now is really "Acronyms and Abbreviations".