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Re: write performance (was Re: LDIF parser performance)

Howard Chu wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
With synchronous writes and the original code in HEAD, 1GB BDB cache, it took 1:33:08.74 to ldapadd the database. With the patched add.c and the quicksort it took 1:14:52.11. As a point of reference, it took only 2:42.64 for slapadd -q.

Unfortunately the bulk of the ldapadd time is really determined by BerkeleyDB. With DB_TXN_NOSYNC and transaction logs written to a tmpfs, the original code in HEAD completes the ldapadd in 18:54.56. With the add.c patch that goes down to 13:35.82. With the quicksort in slap_mods_check that drops down further to 7:19.52.

One further refinement - omitting checkpoint calls from the main operation, and leaving them to occur only in the checkpoint thread, drops the time down to 6:16.55. I'd say this is the desired behavior when you only configure a checkpoint time and not a checkpoint size, but if you configure a size then you really need to call after each commit.

With the silly quadratic stuff out of the way, there's only small incremental gains to be made. The oc_bvfind change got things down to 5:55. Optimizing entry_dup will probably get it down to 5:20 or so. At this point, having come down from 1:33:09 to 6:00 or so, within about a 2x factor of slapadd -q is probably good enough. The remaining lber overhead isn't going to go away very easily...

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