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Re: LDAP load testing (Was: Re: slapd lightweight dispatcher)

Rick Jones wrote:
Indeed, using something _considerably_ newer than RHEL 3 would be goodness :) My guess about the memory usage would be that Linux on Itanium is 64-bit only, so the compilation of the bits would be 64-bit.

Yes, that was the first thing I checked, but in fact sizeof(int) still == 4 on this box.

Default for Solaris on both SPARC and x86 is 32 bit IIRC.

If you want a _native_ 32-bit IPF binary you need to be running HP-UX, which has support for such things.

Also, there are at least two "flavors" of rx1620 - the one that comes with 1.3 GHz CPUs and the one that comes with 1.6 GHz CPUs. The URL above doesn't seem to say which it was. The 1.6 GHz verison has a faster FSB than the 1.3.

This machine has a pair of 1.6GHz CPUs; I don't recall at the moment if they are 3MB cache or 6MB cache. We'll update the blog entry with the details.

Similarly, the T2000 comes (IIRC) in more than one flavor - they can vary in frequency and number of cores.

This has the identical CPU as that used in Neil Wilson's test - 1.0GHz, 8 cores.

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BTW if one were to adhere to the letter of the Solaris 10 EULA, clause 5.f says in a nutshell that things like evaluations and benchmark results cannot be discussed with thrid parties without Sun's prior written consent :(

The T2000 trial offer specifically invites blogging/publishing of benchmark results:

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