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proxy quarantine

Just to avoid work duplication: I'm working right now at adding
quarantine support to back-ldap (done) and back-meta (in progress).

This means that the proxies can be configured with

quarantine	"<interval>,<num>[;<interval>,<num>[...]]"

so that connections that fail because the host is unavailable are not
retried until <interval> passed for a few times, and further requests in
the meanwhile are bounced with LDAP_UNAVAILABLE.  In the current
implementation there's no extra task that checks at the given interval;
<interval> here is the time it needs to be elapsed since the last
attempt to retry, but the retry occurs as soon as a client requests it.

I've hijacked the syntax of the "retry" parameter to syncrepl;
currently, it is required that patterns, made of pairs <interval>,<num>
are separated by semicolons, to make the whole thing a bit more
readable.  I suggest the same change is applied to syncrepl.


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