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Re: userPassword compare fix

> At 05:20 AM 1/25/2006, Oni (Paolo Meschi) wrote:
>>I understood that this behaviour will violate the specifications,
>>however this should be useful to some people. So the possibility to
>>compare the userPassword hashed value with a cleartext value, for the
>>standards sake, should be implemented in an (optional) overlay.
> Consensus seems not to support inclusion of the patch as submitted.
> It is premature to gauge whether a reworked patch would or wouldn't
> be supported by consensus.  Obviously, there are some who would
> oppose such.  There are likely some who would support such.  And
> another some, myself included, who prefer to sit on the fence
> until such a patch exists.

My personal opinion is that baseline code should be as general as possible
without violating any standards.  Overlays, by definition, should be
allowed to do anything including standards violation (if strictly
required, of course).  Then, overlays can be included in the distribution
(servers/slapd/overlays/), become contribs (contrib/slapd-modules/) or
simply be announced to the public (ITS).  Of course, one can build up a
private repository of custom extensions at will.

The enhancement you're suggesting would definitely qualify for an overlay
because it can be easily implemented that way, no extensions to the
overlay API or semantics is required.  I'd note that, in some specific
cases, very valuable contributions may require and deserve an overlay
API/semantics extension; SLAPI, for example, was one of these cases.

The fact that the enhancement you suggest may favour the survival of
broken clients would likely result in qualifying your contribution at most
for contrib/slapd-modules/ (note that I'm not promising anything; rough
consensus would determine its final collocation).  In general,
contributions are welcome, and the ease of their harmonization with
existing code may play some role in judging their acceptance.  Since by
definition the inclusion of an overlay does not require any substantial
effort, making it an overlay might be a plus).


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