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Re: printing binary UUIDs

At 02:07 PM 1/26/2006, Aaron Richton wrote:
>Is there a function out there for turning a binary UUID into, say, the
>form output by ldapsearch(1)? I'm still seeing missed entires (fairly
>regularly) with syncrepl. -d -1 showed that the client requests are
>identical (except for CSNs) on a run that worked and a run that didn't, so
>I'm suspecting the provider. Of course, this never happens under debugger.
>I'm thinking of just throwing a few Debug() statements in the slog
>functions and running (maybe even production) with that. But I'd like to
>be able to easily correlate the uuids in the log with slapcat'd output.

slap_uuidstr_from_normalized() (static to syncrepl.c)