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Re: RE_23 hangs in test039 (back-hdb)

> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> I ran test039 repeatedly for a couple of hours with no hangs on my
> dual-core x86_64 Linux system. I'll try looping the other tests as well.

I recently had a hang of different nature, which is highlighted by your
fix but has different root cause, and might explain other hangs we were
seeing; in back-ldap/bind.c there's this code:

static int
        ldapconn_t              *lc,
        Operation               *op,
        SlapReply               *rs,
        ldap_back_send_t        sendok,
        int                     retries,
        int                     dolock )


        while ( lc->lc_refcnt > 1 ) {
                if (( rc = LDAP_BACK_CONN_ISBOUND( lc )))
                        return rc;

slapd was looping here in the only active thread, so apparently something
occurred which caused back ldap to not release a connection.  Things could
be fixed here, introducing some means (timeout?) to escape this loop, but
this would cure the symptom, not the root cause.  I'm trying to trace it.


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