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Re: syslog level or (open)ldap level?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Recently, while trying to fix what I considered a bug, I changed the
parsing of slapd's '-s' option to reflect what was my interpretation of
the slapd(8) man page, i.e. tell slapd to log at a certain syslog level
(LOG_* according to syslog(3)). In fact, in the sources, the variable
ldap_syslog_level is initialized to LOG_DEBUG which seems pretty safe. However, the tests set it to 0 (in scripts/defines.sh:
SLAPD="../servers/slapd/slapd -s0") which, at least on my Linux box, means
LOG_EMERG, i.e. everything gets sent to every console. Could anybody
clarify if my interpretation of '-s' is correct, and if syslog's numerical
values are portable? I'll definitely write a friendly parser for -s,

No, the "-s" option isn't supposed to set the ldap_syslog_level, it sets ldap_syslog to select which debug levels will be syslogged. There is no control/knob/option for setting ldap_syslog_level, nor does it seem necessary to create one.

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