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Re: Differrence of Ri, Rq, Re ...?

> Hi all,
> Could anyone please explain for me how does slurpd work ? I want to do
> some
> small change in slurpd for my own, but I can't understand the function of
> Ri, Re, Rq, Stel, mi and so on ....What is the difference between them ?

The explanation is in servers/slurpd/slurp.h.  I don't think you'll ever
find any better docs going from UMich's implementation up to OpenLDAP and
all other descendants of UMich.  Slurpd code is dead since OpenLDAP 2.2,
and there won't be any effort in improving it apart from trivial bug
fixing, not to mention documenting it.  If you can't read that code (it's
a pain for many people, including myself), I think you better give up.


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