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Win32 stuff

So, MinGW gdb is pretty fragile, doesn't work that well. I've had to go back to compiling with MSVC to use the Microsoft debugger. The MSVC command line interface is typically Microsoft, but you can wrap it in something more practical. There's a sourceforge project "cccl" which provides a shell script wrapper for the Microsoft compiler and linker. It's totally inadequate as-is but I've tweaked it enough to get past configure; further coaxing is needed to get all the way through a build but it eventually works well enough to get working source-level debugging.

The worst problem going this route was hitting an internal linker error (which, naturally, is documented nowhere) building the slapd and slurpd .EXEs. Eventually I found this was due to the slapdmsg.res file produced by the GNU toolchain; replacing it with one produced by the Microsoft tool fixed it. (For posterity: "LINK:
error: Internal error during ZeroPad".)

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