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Re: ITS#3985 test039 hangs on Windows

Howard Chu wrote:
There appears to be more than one failure condition here. Aside from the extremely slow execution when the test succeeds, I still see infinite hangs occurring.
I tracked down one occurrence. It appears to happen after a request is completed, the client gets the result and sends an unbind request, and then closes the connection. The slapd.log shows ber_get_next being called to read a message of length 6 (presumably the Unbind request), at which point the log ends and the server is hung. (Taskinfo shows no thread context switches occurring.) This may actually be a Winsock bug, failing to deliver the last byte of a message on a socket that's been closed, but it's hard to say at this point.

Also, this test has some of the same throttling issues as test036. Setting threads to 32 in testdata/slapd-glue-ldap.conf prevents the clients from failing with LDAP_UNAVAILABLE.

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