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Import Cache vs. Running cache

I've always wondered why Netscape DS (and its offspring) separated the import cache (slapadd) from the cache used by the running process (slapd, slapcat, etc). In doing some benchmarking of slapd, I understand the reasoning now. Essentially, the BDB Cache is heavily used by slapadd, but it isn't noticeably used at all by the other slap* functions that I tested.

I wonder if it may be useful to pursue a similar configuration setting with OpenLDAP, because when you are dealing in environments where you only have some X amount of memory, it is then advantageous to fully utilize it for an import, and then drop it down to a very small amount for the running slapd process, and instead bump up your entry/idl caches instead. I'm particularly thinking of systems where you need some 256GB to slapadd the DB (say a 50 million entry DB), and also want decent performance from the running process (a good size entry/idl cache). This would easily allow the flexibility, without having to manually go and hack DB_CONFIG and then recreate the DB environment all the time.


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