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Re: backglue transition

Aaron Richton wrote:
So a few things bother me:

1. The slapo-glue config that worked yesterday with 2.3.6 doesn't work--at
all--today with 2.3.7.

2. The config that we tried to be compatible with from, say, 2.2.28
doesn't work the same way with 2.3.7.

3. If I try to use either of those old configs, I get no
warnings/errors/etc. despite the fact there's a behavior change.

Finally, although I realize there were reasons for moving things into core and making 'subordinate' the keyword, I really liked the slapo-glue syntax. In my ideal world, the new backglue would be able to handle either style of config. I don't know if the new design makes this possible/plausible.
re:1 - I just consider the notion of "glue-sub" from 2.3.0-2.3.6 a mistake and would like to pretend we just used the 2.1-2.2 syntax continuously. Since I think the number of people adopting 2.3 at this early stage is probably small, I figured this move would solve more problems than it caused.

re:2 - I must've gotten confused as to which behavior I was trying to preserve. We can certainly swap it back to be identical to the 2.2 order; this should be filed as an ITS. Basically I had no compelling reason for it to be one way or the other...

re:3 you'll get some kind of diagnostic message, but only if you have a non-zero debug level or loglevel.

I actually preferred the glue-sub syntax as well because of the more explicit associations of subordinate and superior DBs. But it also invited misunderstanding (e.g. Hallvard's example with multiple glue overlays configured in a single DIT) which would never have come up using the old subordinate syntax. As such, while it would have been feasible to keep it, I felt that it was more harm than good.

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