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Re: "Unrecognized OIDs in request" control (Was: "return unknown attrs" control)

If a client wanted to know which OIDs/descriptors were unknown,
it could simply rely on published schema(s) for the subtree(s) and
other published information.  (Note that the published
subschema/information may be incomplete, but then so would be the
information in the control.)

Personally, I think this control extension would not be all that
useful (over existing discovery mechanisms).


At 07:31 AM 8/29/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>[moved to -devel for further discussion]
>Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>>>It might be useful to have a control which asks an operation to return a
>>>control with a list of any unknown attributes referenced by the request.
>>>Or more generally unknown values for anything with OID syntax.  Could be
>>>turned on by default in some or all of the LDAP tools.
>>The idea looks interesting; I don't see how most of the users would benefit from it, except those that use the latest version of the tools.  I do not quite agree on having such control enabled by default on openldap client (maybe non-critical?) because it would require them to use LDAPv3 by default and could cause other incompatibility issues with third-party DSAs; even if we provide a switch to disable it, I'd rather stick with the rest of the controls, that must be explicitly requested.
>One could also require that a naming attribute in a request DN be analyzed and any unrecognized attributeDescription be returned along with the control.  So the control response could be something like:
>- list of unrecognized attributes in requestDN
>- list of unrecognized control OIDs in controls
> - for known controls, unrecognized attribute OIDs and other OIDs could be defined,
>   or an extensible mechanism could be designed
>- per-op stuff:
>   - search:
>       - for each simpleFilter:
>           - attribute OID, if unrecognized
>           - value OID, if attribute is objectClass and value is unrecognized
>           - matchingRule OID if filter is RFC2254 MRA and matchingRule
>             is unrecognized
>         (the syntax could be like a regular filter, with the recognized portions
>         omitted, so "(&(objectClass=foo)(bar=TRUE)(sn:fubarMatch:=Jensen))"
>         would result in "(&(=foo)(bar=)(:fubar:=))"
>       - list of unrecognized attribute OIDs in requested attributes
>   - compare:
>       - unrecognized attribute OID in assertion
>   - add:
>       - list of unrecognized attribute OIDs in entry
>   - modify:
>       - list of unrecognized attribute OIDs in modifications
>       - list of unrecognized objectClass OIDs in objectClass attribute modifications
>   - modrdn:
>       - list of unrecognized OIDs in newRDN
>       - list of unrecognized OIDs in newSuperior
>   - extended:
>       - ?
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