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"Unrecognized OIDs in request" control (Was: "return unknown attrs" control)

[moved to -devel for further discussion]

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

It might be useful to have a control which asks an operation to return a
control with a list of any unknown attributes referenced by the request.
Or more generally unknown values for anything with OID syntax.  Could be
turned on by default in some or all of the LDAP tools.

The idea looks interesting; I don't see how most of the users would benefit from it, except those that use the latest version of the tools. I do not quite agree on having such control enabled by default on openldap client (maybe non-critical?) because it would require them to use LDAPv3 by default and could cause other incompatibility issues with third-party DSAs; even if we provide a switch to disable it, I'd rather stick with the rest of the controls, that must be explicitly requested.

One could also require that a naming attribute in a request DN be analyzed and any unrecognized attributeDescription be returned along with the control. So the control response could be something like:

- list of unrecognized attributes in requestDN
- list of unrecognized control OIDs in controls
- for known controls, unrecognized attribute OIDs and other OIDs could be defined,
or an extensible mechanism could be designed
- per-op stuff:
- search:
- for each simpleFilter:
- attribute OID, if unrecognized
- value OID, if attribute is objectClass and value is unrecognized
- matchingRule OID if filter is RFC2254 MRA and matchingRule
is unrecognized
(the syntax could be like a regular filter, with the recognized portions
omitted, so "(&(objectClass=foo)(bar=TRUE)(sn:fubarMatch:=Jensen))"
would result in "(&(=foo)(bar=)(:fubar:=))"
- list of unrecognized attribute OIDs in requested attributes
- compare:
- unrecognized attribute OID in assertion
- add:
- list of unrecognized attribute OIDs in entry
- modify:
- list of unrecognized attribute OIDs in modifications
- list of unrecognized objectClass OIDs in objectClass attribute modifications
- modrdn:
- list of unrecognized OIDs in newRDN
- list of unrecognized OIDs in newSuperior
- extended:
- ?



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