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Re: contributed overlays in slapd/overlays

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
> I wouldn't have a problem supporting statically including
> contributed modules, I just rather have the contributed
> modules located in contrib.  Of course, moving them
> would require some build environment work to continue
> to allow both dyanmic and static linking.

It would be nice to get configure to support all of OpenLDAP, either
with ./configure --recursive and --help=recursive or with something
like --<help/enable>-<contrib, unsupported, experimental or whatever>.

What are the criteria for putting something in contrib/ anyway?
If I understand contrib/README correctly it's for formal reasons,
"distributed with OpenLDAP Software, [but] not part of OpenLDAP
Software".  Not sure what that means for the current non-contrib
overlays, all have Copyright OpenLDAP Foundation - though some have
other copyrights as well.