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Re: contributed overlays in slapd/overlays

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

It seems many of the overlays in slapd/overlays should be
moved into contrib/slapd-modules (or contrib/slapd-overlays)....

In principle I agree. However there's an issue: sometimes people (read: customers) prefer to have monolithic software. A nice feature of overlays (and backends and many other components) is that they do build as dynamic modules as well, so they can be entirely factored out of slapd, but then we lose the possibility to have things monolithic (from a system administration and packaging stand point; they're still modules from a developer's viewpoint). I'd prefer to keep the possibility to statically build most of the overlays, as soon as they're of some general usefulness. Unfortunately I tend to judge generality biased by my personal experience, e.g. by what customers ask us...


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