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Uniquely identifying a backend? (Was: commit: ldap/servers/slapd proto-slap.h)

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:

Howard Chu writes:

Ando and I tripped over this before, the solution was to compare the
be->be_private pointer.

I suppose it's possible that a backend (like back-null?) may have no
private data, so perhaps be_nsuffix is a better choice.

Back-null has private data. OTOH, back-passwd's be_private is only set if it is configured with an alternate passwd file, otherwise it's NULL.

be->be_private need not be constant for the lifetime of a database:
back-ldap/chain.c and overlays/translucent.c modify it.

I have plenty of custom overlays that do modify it transiently. That's one of the issues I was having when adding back-config capabilities to back-ldap & slapo-chain.

back-monitor/monitor_back_db_open() reads be->be_private and stores
it back, even though it never changes it. I don't know why.

It'll be cleaned up some time. It was just, I guess, for consistency with other backends.

I think there might be cases in which all of the generic backend stuff gets changed for some reason, most likely during internal operations. I wouldn't even trust be_suffix or be_rootdn (which might be NULL) or so. What about adding a be_tag field to the BackendDB structure that is unique (e.g. it gets some number from a given source when it's marked as a new database) so that it's sticky even when copying a backend structure into a temporary for internal operations? To feed it, one could envisage a backendDB_tag(BackendDB *bd) function that is passed a pointer to a backendDB structure and univoquely marks it. It would be called by backend_db_init() for each database allocated via the "database" config directive, but it could be called also directly to tag internal databases (e.g. in slapo-pcache, slapo-translucent and so).


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