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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd proto-slap.h

Ando and I tripped over this before, the solution was to compare the be->be_private pointer.

I suppose it's possible that a backend (like back-null?) may have no private data, so perhaps be_nsuffix is a better choice.

lukeh@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
Update of /repo/OpenLDAP/pkg/ldap/servers/slapd

Modified Files:
	proto-slap.h  1.621 -> 1.622

Log Message:
Add be_match() macro: one cannot always compare BackendDB pointer
values in order to test equivalence, because the overlay engine
may have reset the backend pointer to a temporary copy on the stack.

So, we test pointer equivalence of the BackendDB itself, then of
be_nsuffix -- this macro can be updated if necessary.


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