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Re: ITS#3549, abandon/cancel/unbind

Howard Chu wrote:

I'm still questioning the current code (from connection.c rev 1.265) which removes some of Abandon's exemptions from the defer check. Since ultimately processing the Abandon will free up resources, I think it should always go through, and we need to give the same treatment to Unbind.

I'm not sure we can do anything about Cancel since we haven't parsed the request OID by the time we make the decision about deferring the operation. We could try parsing the OID earlier but that seems ugly. It also seems like a minor issue, and we can just leave things the way they are. It seems the main reason Cancel was implemented here was to allow terminating a Persistent Search operation, and for that purpose it will still work fine.

On a (possibly) related note, some abandon calls have been recntly added to back-ldap and to back-meta, to handle special conditions; occasionally, I've seen assertion failures in liblber/io.c that I'm still investigating. In any case, according to this discussion, I'll have to review this code to see if a different use of abandons removs the problem; or, I'll need to fix it. I'll come up with an ITS as soon as I can narrow the problem down.


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