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RE: Call to Novell for support in developing and maintaining JLDAP

I've uploaded the SPML implementation to ITS ITS#3771

Marc Boorshtein

On 6/12/05, Marc Boorshtein <mboorshtein@yahoo.com>
> This is a general call to those at Novell monitoring
> this list.  While at Octet String I did a lot of
> development around making an LDAPConnection out of
> DSMLv2 and since I have left I have additionally
> SPML connection support.  Additionally the JDBC-LDAP
> project has become dependent on JLDAP.  I believe
> there are several action items that need to be
> addressed:
> 1. Source re-structuring - Currently the
> com/novell/ldap package is in the root of the source
> tree.  This is not IDE friendly and also breaks with
> standard source code management techniques.  All
> source files should be contained in a "src" folder
> some kind (wether it is src, src/java...).  I have
> this setup on my local repository (with the ant
> being adjusted accordingly).
> 2.  Elimination of compiletime logging - Currently
> logging mechanism in the library uses a compiled in
> Debug.java.  This again is very ide un-friendly as
> requires C like includes and file replacement to
> properly.  I suggest changing this to use either
> apache commons logging or log4j as runtime logging
> frameworks have become the industry standard for
> managing debug information in Java.
> 3.  Additional "Connection" types.  With the
> of DSMLv2 and SPML, I think it would be a good idea
> add some type of runtime connection factory
> and re-factor some of the top level classes (such as
> the connection and results classes) to be
> As of this moment I have several changes in my local
> repository:
> 1.  A build file that allows for dsmlv2 and spml to
> not be compiled if external libraries aren't
> 2.  SPML support in the form of an extension to
> LDAPConnection
> 3.  Several small bug fixes.
> 4.  Addition of DSMLv2 and SPML to the JDBC-LDAP
> bridge that can't be checked in until issue #2.
> I hope we as a community of developers and corporate
> interest can work together to continue the
> and use of the  JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP Bridge projects.
> Marc Boorshtein