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Call to Novell for support in developing and maintaining JLDAP

This is a general call to those at Novell monitoring
this list.  While at Octet String I did a lot of
development around making an LDAPConnection out of
DSMLv2 and since I have left I have additionally added
SPML connection support.  Additionally the JDBC-LDAP
project has become dependent on JLDAP.  I believe
there are several action items that need to be

1. Source re-structuring - Currently the
com/novell/ldap package is in the root of the source
tree.  This is not IDE friendly and also breaks with
standard source code management techniques.  All java
source files should be contained in a "src" folder of
some kind (wether it is src, src/java...).  I have
this setup on my local repository (with the ant files
being adjusted accordingly).

2.  Elimination of compiletime logging - Currently the
logging mechanism in the library uses a compiled in
Debug.java.  This again is very ide un-friendly as it
requires C like includes and file replacement to work
properly.  I suggest changing this to use either
apache commons logging or log4j as runtime logging
frameworks have become the industry standard for
managing debug information in Java.

3.  Additional "Connection" types.  With the addition
of DSMLv2 and SPML, I think it would be a good idea to
add some type of runtime connection factory interface
and re-factor some of the top level classes (such as
the connection and results classes) to be extensible.

As of this moment I have several changes in my local

1.  A build file that allows for dsmlv2 and spml to
not be compiled if external libraries aren't present.

2.  SPML support in the form of an extension to

3.  Several small bug fixes.

4.  Addition of DSMLv2 and SPML to the JDBC-LDAP
bridge that can't be checked in until issue #2.  

I hope we as a community of developers and corporate
interest can work together to continue the development
and use of the  JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP Bridge projects.

Marc Boorshtein