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Re: ACLS for remote groups

Raissa Dantas Freire de Medeiros wrote:

Hi, all!

We are thinking about to change OpenLDAP source code to support remote groups as <who> clauses. A "remote group" is a group of other partition.

In detail, can you elaborate more on the definition of "remote group" and of "other partition"?

We have done some tests and we have noticed if you put a remote group as a <who> clause, slapd ignores it.

I suggest you first discuss this on the -software mailing list; what you describe rather sounds like a bug, because slapd is not supposed to "ignore" anything especially when dealing with ACLs; it should either work as intended or indicate an error. I think you need to elaborate more also on this part.

Have anybody already had this necessity or does anybody has anything in this sense?


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