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Re: (ITS#3748) back-config: creating a new database requires restarting slapd

On Wednesday 25 May 2005 10:45, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> [suggest we keep this discussion on -devel while it boils down :)]
> > Currently it doesn't seem to be possible to create and use a new
> > database (bdb
> > or whatever) without restarting the server. Is that correct?
> > If I understand things correctly backend_startup_one() should to be
> > called after
> > an "olcDatabase"-entry was added. But currently bconfig doesn't
> > seem to provide
> > hooks for that. Am I correct with that or did I miss something?
> I haven't checked with back-bdb and about backend_startup_one() hooks
> in bconfig, but I've been able to create a back-ldap from an empty
> slapd.conf recently,. just:
> database        config
> rootpw          secret
> I guess the same is possible for back-bdb although I haven't treid
> lately.
Yes that is possible with back-bdb as well (assuming the directory 
exists with the correct permissions). The only remaining problem is 
that the database doesn't startup correctly after its config is created 
in back-config. To make the database usable you need to restart slapd 
once after creating the "olcBdbDatabase"-Entry.

> I remember discussion about the need for existing directories 
> and so as opposed to the capability of back-config to create them
> under some circumstances.  I might need to read a recent version of
> the docs.