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Re: slurpd and back-config

Francis Swasey wrote:

I assume this proposal is concerning OL 2.3. If I am correct, does that mean that support for syncrepl is falling away? If not, I'm surprised that the proposal would not be the removal of slurpd in favor of having people migrate to the syncrepl process.

Not at all. The fact is back-config support for syncrepl was so trivially easy there hasn't been anything to say about it. But while syncrepl is good, it only works between OpenLDAP servers. Slurpd lets you push changes out to anything that understands LDAP, and that is still a useful thing to have. But I'm not motivated to add back-config support to slurpd, and I don't want to see OpenLDAP 2.3 publically released with slurpd in there in a half-supported state. So slurpd needs to be removed, and we need something that can be used in its place, in those situations where syncrepl is not an option.


On 5/20/05 9:08 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

It doesn't seem worthwhile to pull in all the changes needed to bring slurpd up to date here. I'm more inclined to implement slurpd-like functionality in slapd, and delete slurpd.

First we could move the existing replog functionality into an overlay, as I've suggested before. Next the overlay itself could submit update tasks (using the thread pool or the runqueue, as appropriate) to update remote servers. It could use libldap_r directly, or it could operate through back-ldap/back-meta. I'm somewhat favoring the back-ldap/back-meta approach, as it opens the possibility to use the rewrite overlay in the replication process.

The one thing we'd lack is a standalone/one-shot mode, but we could create a slaptool for that purpose. E.g., define a SLAP_BFLAG for "one-shot" mode; whenever the tool runs it will invoke all the backends/whatever that have this flag defined and skip anything that doesn't have it defined.

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