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Re: Some interesting thoughts

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

I've been having a discussion in #ldap with a Netscape user, and they have a few things in Netscape features that make them prefer it over OpenLDAP.

1) Database backups as part of a scheduled job. It creates a backup of the *.bdb files in a dated directory in the specified location. Given the changes today to HEAD to allow architecture & release independence of DB creation, this should be a snap, now that we have a job scheduler.

By the way, the DB is not architecture-independent - entry IDs are 32 bit on 32 bit platforms and 64 on 64. We may want to rethink this; I'm skeptical about needing to accomodate more than 4 billion entryIDs. I don't know of any deployments that will even approach 1 billion.

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