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Re: back-bdb online indexing

Stop me if you think I'm getting carried away...

We can actually do a complete close / reopen of the backend here. This might be something you'd want to do if you've edited some DB_CONFIG settings and want them to take effect immediately. Or, if you change the olcDbDirectory to point at a new path, you can swap out the entire database environment on the fly. So far I've found no memory leaks from calling bdb_db_close / db_open, so this looks like a pretty safe thing to do. This gives us one of the benefits that was originally brought up in the GentleHUP discussions, being able to completely replace one database with another without halting the server.

The catch (there's always a catch) is that it may be a very slow process to flush one environment and load the next, and the server will be unable to process any queries for that suffix until the db_open completes.

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