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Re: back-bdb online indexing

> Given these constraints, is it worthwhile to allow this operation, or
> should we just disallow new indexing to be configured at runtime?

Per se I think it is a Good Thing.  In relation with operating a DSA, it
depends if one can live with the constraints of:

a) do not allow modifications while reindexing
b) do not use the (new) indices until reindexing done

I note that (a) is equivalent to the (current) procedure of stopping
slapd, restarting it in readOnly mode, run slapindex on a copy of the
database, then replace the old with the new, re-indexed database and
restart slapd once more; except that slapd is never stopped, which is the
most significant advantage.  As a consequence, I see an improvement from
the current status; if the constraint can be localized even further, the
improvement could be even greater.

(b) is also equivalent to this, unless it implies that indices cannot be
used entirely.  For example: "cn" is indexed for "exact"; I need to change
it to "exact,substring".  If until it's done I cannot even use "exact",
that's a loss of functionality with respect to the procedure described for
(a).  I don't think this is desirable.

Ciao, p.

Pierangelo Masarati

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