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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd backend.c controls.c

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

I think the kludge is still needed, at least for frontend controls.

I agree, but for instance, while testing manageDSAit and chaining interoperability in selected cases I hit the "iscritical" issue as of ITS#3519 (I admit it was because of a bug somewhere else, and I couldn't find any critical case about it - I guess that's why we never noticed the point :). I suggest we eliminate the SLAP_CONTROL_FRONTEND from those controls that now can work without, or set up a mechanism like a SLAP_CONTROL_MAY_NEED_FRONTEND flag that triggers a notice if the control wouldn't pass the check without the FRONTEND flag, or something like that... I'm not even sure that my fix (that is: list controls provided by global overlays in all databases) is the right approach.

Comment to Howard: maybe the be/bi_controls could be turned in an array of bits much like the op_ctrlflag that is set to 1 when the control is supported and 0 otherwise, so as long as the OID is looked up once we can rather efficiently check for its availability/appropriateness. As soon as supported controls grow, linearly checking a list of strings doesn't sound much like a good approach; at least move it to bervals?

Ciao, p.

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