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Re: Suse 8.2, Linux2.4.20 performance problems?

On Monday 06 December 2004 18:53, Howard Chu wrote:
> So a couple months ago I upgraded my old dev box from Suse6 to Suse8.2,
> from kernel 2.2.25 to 2.4.20. I didn't do much with it after that
> because I'm doing most of my work on a newer system running Suse 9.1.
> But anyway, on the Suse8.2 system, I now find that test008, which used
> to run in under 30 seconds on Suse6, now takes about 72 minutes. It
> seems that once slapd spawns more than about 10 threads the performance
> slows to a crawl. Even my "top" which normally refreshes once every 5
> seconds slows down to refreshing once every few minutes, and "ps" and
> "uptime" all hang as well.
> So... A bit of googling didn't turn up anything relevant. Has anyone
> else seen anything like this?

I haven't used 8.2 with any recent OpenLDAP Version. Only with some 2.1.X 
(IIRC up to 2.1.17) versions that were uptodate when 8.2 was released. I 
didn't see such issues back then. test008 performed quite normal with those 
versions. But that doesn't tell too much about current OpenLDAP releases.

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