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2.2 bdb leaks?

ok... someone please tell me i'm wrong.

i have a 500,000 entry (inetorgperson) db - sot its big enough (for testing)...
and i'm playing with improving bdb/hdb... and i seem to find it seems to
allocate ram... till the cows come home.

basicalyl i have set the cachesize to 10 (and idlcachesize to 8)... i keep
querying for items from a client (going thru uid 0 and up numerically) and slapd
just keeps allocating ram... and allocating.. and allocating. (dmalloc,
valgrind, memprof side checks)... this smells wrong to me. if i keep querying
eventually i get slapd to be using > 1gb of ram...

something smells wrong - just to save me hunting for something i should be.. is
this right? why? shouldn't it level out at keeping 100 entries in the cache and
thats it? that means memory use should have leveled out after the cache fills?

(hunting for more "culprits" that could be the issue) just wondering if i'm
barking up the wrong tree here.?

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