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Re: variable value inheriting

Artem Rudenko wrote:

Hello I'm a student of RostovStateUniversity(Russia) and I'd like to hear your opinion on the topic below.
We need to know if there was such backend or maybe patch for OpenLDAP that implements such thing like INHERIT. It will let share information(variables values) between objects. I exactly mean backend or part of code which allow directory's object value(s) to be pasted in another directory(some kind of link) without retyping. If it was not implemented we may try to do this.
We are also interested in implementing of this feature for standart OpenLDAP release as backend(if it will work as backend) or as code modification.

It sounds like you're talking about collective attributes, and there is already a sample overlay that implements this to some degree. Look at slapd/overlays/collect.c in CVS, it will probably serve as a good starting point for whatever you want to accomplish.

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