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Re: variable value inheriting

The standard way of sharing attribute values across a collection
of entries is to use "collective" attributes.  See RFC 3671.
Unforunately, they are not yet implemented in slapd(8).  Feel
free to jump on in.


At 11:47 AM 11/24/2004, Artem Rudenko wrote:
>Hello I'm a student of RostovStateUniversity(Russia) and I'd like to hear your 
>opinion on the topic below.
>We need to know if there was such backend or maybe patch for OpenLDAP that 
>implements such thing like INHERIT. It will let share 
>information(variables values) between objects. I exactly mean backend or part 
>of code which allow directory's object value(s) to be pasted in another 
>directory(some kind of link) without retyping. If it was not implemented we 
>may try to do this.
>We are also interested in implementing of this feature for standart OpenLDAP 
>release as backend(if it will work as backend) 
>or as code modification.