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Re: backend functions declaration

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

As a consequence of looking at ITS#3387, I note that many backends declare
the function handlers (usually in a dedicated external.h header).  This is
not required, since all the frontend needs to know (for statically
compiled backends) is the <backend>_initialize() function; runtime loaded
backends don't even need it.  An exception are those backends that have
cross-dependencies (e.g. back-ldap and back-meta, back-bdb and back-hdb).

I'd like to remove all of this, to avoid confusion and maintenance overhead.


How much does that really save, since the _initialize function still needs all the declarations in order to fill in the rest of the entry points? Also, since some of the backend entry points still have unique signatures, the declarations are still helpful as a check to insure that the function definitions are correct.

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