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Re: Support for extensible certificate mapping

>cn=/C\=AU/O\=PADL Software Pty Ltd/CN\=Luke
>Howard/emailAddress\=lukeh@dsg.padl.com,cn=/C\=AU/O\=PADL Software Pty Ltd,cn=PKINIT,cn=auth
>so that the unescaped subject and issuer can be passed into an
>LDAP search filter within a sasl-regexp. 
>(NB: I'm building the RDNs manually and then calling ldap_dn2bv()

What I want to do is have the \= converted to = by the time
$1 and $2 are evaluated. I wonder if this is actually possible...

sasl-regexp cn=(.*),cn=(.*),cn=PKINIT,cn=auth ldap://$REGISTRY=Domain NC??sub?(&(objectClass=User)(altSecurityIdentities=X509:<I>$2<S>$1))

-- Luke