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Re: ldap_init with socket instead of host:port?

There is actually a private API (ldap_open_internal_connection)
that allows this.  It likely could be exposed.

At 02:50 PM 9/9/2004, Nathan Herring wrote:
>On Mac OS X 10.3.x, OpenLDAP 2.1.22 ships in the box. We are investigating
>use of the ldap libraries. One issue has to do with the proxy support on OS
>X. A user can specify a SOCKS proxy, but unless the underlying software is
>aware of these settings, it will not try and use them. Thus things in the
>Darwin layer (e.g., OpenLDAP) will try to connect directly and fail. (NOTE:
>I haven't actually tried this with OpenLDAP, but rather with the rest of the
>UNIX standards: ftp, telnet, etc.; please correct me if I am mistaken.)
>I was thinking that if there were an alternative ldap_init function where we
>could pass in an open socket and a callback to an application-provided
>function to create new sockets given a host:port, the application could
>perform the necessary work to make proxies work by making the connection
>itself and handing off that connection to OpenLDAP, which could care less
>about the connection details of the socket.
>My question is, has this kind of thing been considered, and/or is there
>another direction that is being pursued to address this issue?
>Thanks in advance,
>Nathan Herring
>MacBU SDE/Development