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ldap_init with socket instead of host:port?

On Mac OS X 10.3.x, OpenLDAP 2.1.22 ships in the box. We are investigating
use of the ldap libraries. One issue has to do with the proxy support on OS
X. A user can specify a SOCKS proxy, but unless the underlying software is
aware of these settings, it will not try and use them. Thus things in the
Darwin layer (e.g., OpenLDAP) will try to connect directly and fail. (NOTE:
I haven't actually tried this with OpenLDAP, but rather with the rest of the
UNIX standards: ftp, telnet, etc.; please correct me if I am mistaken.)

I was thinking that if there were an alternative ldap_init function where we
could pass in an open socket and a callback to an application-provided
function to create new sockets given a host:port, the application could
perform the necessary work to make proxies work by making the connection
itself and handing off that connection to OpenLDAP, which could care less
about the connection details of the socket.

My question is, has this kind of thing been considered, and/or is there
another direction that is being pursued to address this issue?

Thanks in advance,
Nathan Herring
MacBU SDE/Development