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New functionality proposed

Hi guys, I am = proposing to develop new functionality for "intelligent" routing of requests to a = distributed LDAP database. This = would be done to better utilize network and server resources, especially where = infrastructure might be insufficient. The = assumptions made for this are The = database is relatively large The = database is used on several systems geographically distant Data = "" be logically localized A = vast majority of directory lookups are local Network and/or server resources can be exhausted if every request is broadcast = to all servers Based = on that I am suggesting a design along these lines. A new = backend is done based on current ldap or meta backends This = backend would have a base functionality that first sends the request to the = defined local LDAP server and if it fails the request is broadcast to the remaining = servers in the setup. There = would be configurable options A = rule based request analyzer that would based on rules route the request to a = specific server (assuming sufficient data present in the = request) Caching that would store key data locally to determine witch server to route the request to Key = data replication to determine where to = route requests I = would appreciate thoughts and suggestions on this plus any documentation on how to = develop a backend and/or on suggested backends to use as a starting point. Bengt Hammarlin   = ;Office +46 60 16 10 86 Software Designer = ; Mobile= +46 73 325 8506 Mobeon AB