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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/overlays pcache.c

Jong-Hyuk wrote:

I've added a backend_startup_one() to condense some of this code. Some
more refinement may be nice. But I agree, the creator of the internal
database ought to control what other features it needs.

Hmm... in the proxy cache case, the desired behavior would be to inherit the
features of the original backend, back-ldap. In fact, a copy is performed in
proxy_cache_init() { ... cm->db = *be; ... }, but this is done before the
features are initialized in backend_startup(). Hence, an apparently better
solution is to move the copy into proxy_cache_open(). This applies to

Yes. I thought of this before and thought there was a problem with it, to do with keeping the proper cm->db.bd_info. But I guess that's simple enough to work around.

be_acl, be_pending_csn_list, and be_context_csn. The access control of the
proxy cache internal database should be set to that of back-ldap, because
the internal database is accessed by the requesting user when the query is
answerable. The current code seems to apply the access control of the
internal database which is incorrect.

The assumption is that overlays are configured after their parent backends, so be_acl is already fully initialized before the overlay gets control.

For the proxy cache there's barely any need to keep a separate BackendDB structure, except for the SLAP_DBFLAG_NO_SCHEMA_CHECK on the internal database. I suppose if we added a NO_SCHEMA_CHECK flag to the Operation somewhere, we could get rid of this.
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