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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/overlays pcache.c

> > Also, is it okay not to call acl_append() when non-NULL be is given to
> > backend_startup() ?
> I guess it is.  As long as backend_startup() is called with NULL when all
> the -regular- databases exist, global ACLs get appended to database
> specific ones.  The only case of backend_startup() called for a specific
> database should be that of special purpose, internal databases like
> pcache, so they should not need ACLs.  In any case I wonder if it would be

The internal databases can be used with non-root user although it's not

> the case to split backend_startup() in backendInfo_startup(BackendInfo *)
> and backendDB_startup(BackendDB *) and call each of them from inside
> backend_startup(void) for all regular backends first and for all regular
> databases then.  This way, we would have the possibility to startup each
> special or internal database that we add, and we could even add backends
> and start them up separately.

Another option is to let backend_startup() call bi_open() only once by
checking whether it's been already invoked.

- Jong-Hyuk