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Re: distributed LDAP Re: performance

The 2.3 item reflects work underway (by a number of different
folks) to add additional support for distributed directories.
In particular, it refers to adding a more robust directory
operation chaining mechanism, but also to addition of a
directory authentication chaining mechanism.  As the IETF has
yet to formalize mechanisms for either, much of the present
effort is focused on designing necessary LDAP elements.

The main driving factor for this work is to provide a more
robust mechanism(s) for achieving distributed directories than
presently available mechanisms, such as client-side referral


At 12:21 AM 7/12/2004, Bengt Hammarlin wrote:
>I  am looking at ways to extend the performance of LDAP on large
>databases without throwing hardware at the problem.
>My instinctive solution would be some sort of distributed database.
>I noticed that OpenLDAP has distributed LDAP in the roadmap for 2.3.
>Will this be directed at reliability or performance or both?
>If the distributed LDAP under devel supports enough of my need I can see
>my employer tossing manhours at this .
>All I need is a description of a close enough solution.
>Thanx in advance for your  help 
>        Bengt Hammarlin