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Re: right place to watch for modofication to an attribute?

At 10:12 AM 5/11/2004, Forest Hill wrote:
>Thanks!  I'm reasonably new to this source base.  I'm looking, but don't see any references to anything like this anywhere.  Could you point me at an example?

Not sure if there are examples of internal operations that utilize
controls.  Anyways, you need to set the right parameters in the
Operation structure so that the backend with make use of the
control in generating its response.  See the parsing routine for
that control of interest (in controls.c) to see which fields to
set.  Upon return of the operation call, you'll have to somehow
dig out entry information from the response control.  I'll leave
that as an exercise for you to figure out (as I haven't yet attempted
to figure it out)... or for someone else to comment on.


>At 9:55 PM -0700 5/10/04, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>You might try specifying the modify with a post-read control.
>>At 07:43 PM 5/10/2004, Forest Hill wrote:
>>>I need to reread some data from the database when it's changed. Currently, I'm trying to do this in do_modify() by:
>>>1) check to see if it's the desired attribute that was changed. This part works fine
>>>2) if (1) is true, then at the end of the do_modify() function (just before returning), call my new function to read the data that I'm interested in.  This seems to have several problems:
>>>calling be_entry_get_rw() here gives me back the previous values for the attribute in question, sort of.  it seems to be missing one of the attribute values, too, and the one that I changed has the old value still.
>>>So, obviously, this is not a good place to try to do the read.  My question is, is anyone else doing something like this, and where is a good place to do a read on data-change like this?
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>Forest Hill
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