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right place to watch for modofication to an attribute?

I need to reread some data from the database when it's changed. Currently, I'm trying to do this in do_modify() by:

1) check to see if it's the desired attribute that was changed. This part works fine
2) if (1) is true, then at the end of the do_modify() function (just before returning), call my new function to read the data that I'm interested in. This seems to have several problems:

calling be_entry_get_rw() here gives me back the previous values for the attribute in question, sort of. it seems to be missing one of the attribute values, too, and the one that I changed has the old value still.

So, obviously, this is not a good place to try to do the read. My question is, is anyone else doing something like this, and where is a good place to do a read on data-change like this?


Forest Hill
Apple Computer, Inc.