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RE: commit: ldap/libraries/libldap tls.c

I have the feeling that the best fix for ITS#3109 is to alter the
ldap_pvt_tls_set_option stuff to immediately operate on the TLS context,
otherwise any settings made after the default context is initialized are

I considered modifying slapd to set up a custom context as well, but what
that means for things like back-ldap and syncrepl becomes murky.

Another possibility that came to mind is to have a ldap_pvt_tls_new_ctx() to
allocate a new context pointer, and ldap_pvt_tls_set_ctx() to write the
current pvt_tls_options into a given ctx. Then ldap_pvt_tls_init_def_ctx()
can be rewritten to use these two functions, and we can also easily establish
other contexts when multiple contexts are desired.

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