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Re: Overlays configuration (Was: commit: ldap/ configure)

> At 12:50 AM 4/17/2004, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>>I was wondering if a --enable-overlays switch could be of interest.
> I rather see --enable-overlays=auto --enable-overlays=automod
> and likewise for backends.  The platform may not have all the
> necessary features to support all backends and overlays. For
> instance, I cannot build back-sql and back-perl on all
> platforms I commonly development on

I ran into the same problem, and I agree with your suggestion;
I also note that at least for backends it would be nice to have
the "auto" option; currently, only "yes[,mod]" and "no" are
choices.  From my point of view, backends (and overlays)
can be divided in X groups:
1) those that should be built by default (e.g. bdb) [yes]
2) those that should be built only on explicit request
   (e.g. perl, sql) [no]
3) those that should be built by default if system meets
   requirements (ldap) [auto].

Case (3) stuff should be triggered by the --enable-{backends|overlays}

> I think it better if the flag didn't mandate building of the
> overlay/backend, but instead just indicated that it was
> desirable.  Of course, that implies each individual
> backend/overlay supported auto[mod] configuration.

One could think of a level of desirability of the build.
In my opinion, to compile a few backends more, either static
or as modules, should not be a big deal.  Of course, one
should have the possibility to have complete control on the
whole build process; however, one should also have to
possibility to state:
- compile at least the required backends
- don't compile the undesired backends
- compile as much as can be of what remains

So I'd suggest a

--enable-backends=minimal: means auto=no
  (don't even try to build what's auto)

--enable-backends=all: means auto=yes
  (try to build everything that's auto, and fail if not possible)

default: only what meets reqirements is built.

We should also allow multiple values (comma separated?), to
have --enable-backends=all,mod


Pierangelo Masarati